Public Benefit Corporation

Reaffirming our commitment to sustainable impact

In June 2019, Vetiver Solutions officially became a public benefit corporation (PBC) in the state of Minnesota, aligning a for-profit business model with a commitment to making a sustainable impact. This status helps us achieve our mission: to strengthen financial autonomy in Haitian communities by investing in natural goods that promote economic and environmental sustainability.

In March 2020, we filed our first public benefit report with the state of Minnesota, sharing key data about how we are making a tangible impact with our work.

What is a public benefit corporation?

A public benefit corporation (PBC) is a type of corporate entity, like ‘Inc.’ or LLC.’ The PBC model is a middle ground between a non-profit organization and a traditional for-profit company; this label allows us to prioritize social good in our work, while operating profitably to sustainably support Haitian farmers in the long term. PBCs file annual reports with the Minnesota Secretary of State detailing how they are upholding their commitments each year.

Economic growth & environmental sustainability 

Our public benefit is delivering high quality, environmentally-friendly products to consumers which support sustainable agriculture practiced by farmers in rural Haiti. By labelling our products with “public benefit corporation,” consumers know that these products positively impact society and the environment. This status does not change the way we have always done business – it simply strengthens our commitment to providing sustainably sourced and socially beneficial goods to consumers, while promoting economic autonomy for Haitian farmers. 

Upholding four key values in our work

Promoting sustainable agriculture in rural Haiti

We purchase honey, beeswax, and vetiver grass from Haitian farmers to support their sustainable agricultural initiatives; in turn, we sell beeswax and honey products in the US to provide a long-term financial stability for our partners.

Decreasing poverty and malnutrition through community-led initiatives

We partner with Haitian farmers and local organizations to support community projects and initiatives that address the root causes of poverty and malnutrition in the region of Bainet.

Promoting self-sustainability through local partnerships

In partnership with Haitian farmers and local organizations, we support community initiatives promoting economic autonomy, sustainable agriculture, public health, and education.

Raising awareness of Haiti's natural beauty

We are proud to share stories and images of Moreau, Haiti with our supporters in Minnesota and around the US — we believe it is important to educate others on Haiti’s mountainous landscapes, arts and culture, and history in an equitable and respectful manner.

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