A Love Letter from Rural Haiti


Since 2019, the farmers in Moreau, Haiti have helped us bring sweet, raw Caribbean honey from their hives to your table. We named it “Amour, Moreau” to show the intentionality and care put into tending to these hives, nurturing local plant life, and sharing the beauty of Haiti with others around the world. The bees in this rural farming community pollinate fruit trees in the lush mountains of southern Haiti, giving this honey a distinctly rich, citrus flavor. Its deep golden color evokes the warmth of tropical sunshine in every jar. This Grade A honey  pairs well with tea, desserts, and so much more — the perfect splash of sweetness for your favorite recipes.

 Raw Haitian Honey

The beekeepers in Moreau send their love with every jar of delicious, aromatic honey; you can show them your support with every purchase, which support tree conservation and sustainable farming initiatives in their community. Have questions about buying and storing raw honey? Check out our tips and tricks to get started.


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