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We partner with farmers in Moreau, Haiti to support community-led initiatives

Meet the farmers

We are proud to work in collaboration with the Farmers’ Association of Moreau, a local farming cooperative that represents the needs and interests of farming families in the region. This partnership ensures that our work is relevant, equitable, and guided by local expertise. In both our vetiver grass and beekeeping initiatives, we have followed the lead of farmers like Ernest (right) and Citadel (left) to develop processes and products that are environmentally sustainable and income generating for the community.

Vetiver Solutions Haitian Farmer

In October 2022, we joined the Fair Trade Federation as further dedication to our vision of growing a poverty-free Haiti. This means that our products, operations, and relationships are fair-trade verified by this credible third-party organization. We are proud to uphold the highest possible standards for quality products and community partnerships in our work.

We founded Vetiver Solutions in 2016 to answer one question: could we partner with farmers in rural Haiti to make sustainable farming profitable? Since then, we have supported vetiver grass and beekeeping initiatives in the village of Moreau to help farmers earn reliable income while caring for local ecosystems. Learn more about our work:

vetiver hedge in rural Haiti

See how we collaborate with Haitian farmers to prevent soil erosion in their mountainous farming community using vetiver grass.

Beekeeper in rural Haiti

Learn more about the community-led beekeeping initiative in Moreau and how pollinators are critical for sustainable food production.

group speaking

See why partnerships with farmers in rural Haiti and organizations in Minnesota have been critical in our work.


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